Pest Control Enhancement Tips


Inside Your Property: 

1. Keep trash emptied 

2. No stagnating dishes or water in sink/s

3. Reduce clutter, do not store excess paper materials

4. Maintain regular cleaning schedule

5. Maintain seals around windows and doors

6. Immediately service water leaks or moisture related issues

7. Close window coverings at dusk to prevent interior light from attracting excessive pest

8. Make sure damper is closed and sealed if applicable

9. Keep all pet food in sealed containers

10. Store flour, mill, oats, fresh fruits, or vegetables in refrigerator 

11. Sanitize garbage disposal/s after use 

Outside Your Property:

1. Keep all gutters cleaned and debris free

2. Do not allow bushes, shrubs or tree limbs to contact the structure

3. Use pea gravel or other decorative stones vs. mulch 

4. If using mulch, treat mulch each year to prevent infestation

5. Do not stack fire/grilling wood against structure or inside garage

6. Eliminate any standing/stagnating water in the yard or near air unit

7. Seal all entry points (Ask about Fortification Service)

8. Regular lawn maintenance, including low weed eating around structure

9. Remove any debris capable of holding standing/stagnating water

10. Cover bathroom exhaust pipes with metal mesh wire